About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow the student and help them to land the dream job they wished for, and provide quality education with highest placements to our students.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the top institute to provide Training and placement courses in Pune and provide value to our students through top company placement.


OrangeITech is known for its quality education and value for money. Ranked among the Top 10 software training institute in Pune , we have created a mark for us by giving students what they require.This IT Training Company in Pune was started with a motive to educate as well as provide a job for the students who struggle to get a job in the IT industry. We observed that most of the companies hire students based on their experience or high skill sets. Most of the students who are fresh graduates do not have any experience due to which they cannot develop their skills which leads to unemployment of the student. Due to this most of the students don’t find a way to get a job and upgrade their skills. At OrangeITech we provide students with a definite skill set which they can learn and improve. These skill sets are polished by our expert trainers who make sure that each student gets a good hands on experience on the technology they learn. Now as the skill sets are developed we provide internship to the students so they have a job in hand where they can work and show that experience ahead so they can easily get a job due to experience and skill sets.

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In order to develop the right skill sets for the job the students need to learn from an expert who has worked in the industry for a quite long time and has vast experience. For this particular reason we have hired industry experienced professionals who have been working on the technology for a long time and have conducted Corporate training programs in companies located in Pune. These expert trainers don’t only teach you the technology on a bookish level but give practical examples and assignments where the students can work and increase their skills. These practical examples can help the students to grow and get a job. These students are mentored by our trainers regarding the job interviews and resume building. They also concentrate on resume building which can put a lasting first impression on the recruiter. These trainers know exactly what the industry demands and can teach the exact skills to students. They conduct mock interviews for students so they can be used to interviews and won’t be nervous. These mock interviews are similar to real world interviews and the students are given feedback on the basis of their interview. This is the only reason why we are the Best training institute in Pune with placement.

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Every student who enrolls for a course requires quality education as they are investing in these courses to get a suitable job. We value your money and make sure that quality education is given to the students. For this reason we hire the best faculty who conduct corporate training programs in companies. Also these industry experts regularly are watching the market and gaining new skills which they can teach the students so they can stand out in the interview. The job market in Pune wants students who excel in every skill and are a step ahead than other students. If you develop your skills and learn according to our trainers you are sure to get a job.

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Founder Speech

“We at OrangeITech believe that we are constant learners in our life. We need to keep learning to evolve. We also have learned from our students as to what they expect and are constantly improving our teaching methods. Our trainers are your mentors, when you enroll for our courses you should make sure that you get the most out of them. Ask questions and seek answers. We all are freshers and need to know the technology to the core. All the best and happy learning.”