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CourceStart DateScheduleDays in WeekMore Details
CourceStart DateScheduleDays in WeekMore Details
.Net FullStack Developer1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
Java FullStack Developer1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
PHP FullStack Developer 1/05/2024Weekdays Thursday (Monday - Friday)More Details
Software Testing1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
React JS1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
Angular JS1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
Python FullStack Developer1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
Digital marketing1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details
Salesforce Developer1/05/2024WeekdaysThursday (Monday - Friday) More Details


  • 90% Placement Track Record
  • 465+ Recruiters
  • 2.4 lacs Avg. Annual Package Offered
  • Unlimited Calls

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Our Commitment

  • Each and every student who enrolls for our software development training in Pune gets high quality education and skills.
  • We provide internship programs to all the students after course completion in order to provide them the experience needed for their placement.
  • Our placement process is completely transparent and we provide tips based on the feedback given by the recruiter..
  • We will provide you the skills and mentorship required before attending the interviews so you can be prepared in order to tackle the interviews.
  • We feel self development is a skill every candidate should have. Apart from the knowledge we provide, we motivate our students to research and add new skills to their bucket. Surely our trainers will provide you hints and tips to learn. This is a crucial skill as the IT industry requires constant learning and development if you want to stand out in the market.
  • We provide you value for money and provide you more than you pay for.

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What makes OrangeItech special?

Knowledge is the Key to Success.

At OrangeItech, the Quality of Training is highest priority. We make sure that our students get in-depth & real time knowledge of the technology along with detailed implementation of what has been learnt.
This is the most important thing, why a OrangeItecher is always preferred over others.

Live Projects

During the internship period you will be provided with live industry projects to enhance your career. This not only provides you hands-on experience but makes you aware about runtime scenarios. This experience puts weight on your resume.
Working on live project enhances the technology understanding, and makes you aware of the runtime scenarios, best processes and puts weight on Resume.

Going that Extra Mile
  • We arrange expert sessions on latest trends in IT industry, by professionals.
  • Encourage students to innovate new ideas and implement it too.
  • Identify weak areas in the early stage and focus on improving those.
Soft skills sessions by OrangeItech

To crack the tough rounds of interview you need to have soft-skills which are also known as communication skills. Communicating easily during the interview as well as while working in the IT environment is a skill which every employee should have. These soft skill sessions help you to communicate with the clients as well as your management. Soft skills include both written and verbal communication.